Hold the ladder tight.

Please give me one.

How did you come to school?

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I knew that I'd break his heart, but I had no choice.


Everything worked without a hitch.


I think it's not going to be that hard.

He had no distinguishing features.

We believe him honest.

She is quite equal to the teacher in her ability to speak English.

Never again!

I'll always be there for her.

I'm sleeping.


Language schools suck.

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Please give him the message when he comes back.

It is easy to believe in freedom of speech for those with whom we agree.

Joel is quite enthusiastic, isn't he?

I don't go out much anymore.

Anyhow I will see him.

I wouldn't ask you to do it if I didn't think you could.

I'm smoking one of your most excellent cigars.

Graham gave Moses directions to go to the car pound.

What is 'terpomo'? An apple in the ground, or a potato?

Mr Tanaka is not at his desk right now.

Do you have your driver's license?


This is the first time I've ever decorated my house.

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When did the accident take place?

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Some of Louis's chooks got through a hole in the fence and dug up his neighbour's lettuce plants.

Pretty much everyone does that.

Raj seemed busy.

No one will ever find you.

He had to undergo many trials.

Rick and Gary have their ups and downs in their relationship.

It took her two hours to get ready.

Vladislav doesn't know what to do with all his money.

Nobody had to tell me. I already knew.

We always have a party on his birthday.

Is it necessary to have a god?

This is structured as a short speech.

Look up the words in your dictionary.

Do we need to decide this right now?

Do you have it?

Why is Alison sleeping?

I should be getting home.

We will go to Beijing and Shanghai.

Let's fire them.


I do not like to make mistakes.


I ate her.

They might sell what you want.

Can you change a five-dollar bill?

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I'm never late.

Do you think I should buy this house?

He boiled some eggs in the kitchen.

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Corruption is still common.

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That's close enough.

Teresa will fail.

I'm divorced.

We should be going now.

You don't have to do anything.


The boy whom I met yesterday is Tony.


The number of murders is increasing even in a country like Japan.

"Hey everyone, I have something to say!" "My boy, what is it?" "I'm going to join Ganon!"

Raif bakes bread once a week.


You can save energy by turning off the lights when you leave a room.

I did not see anyone in the street.

O, how much more does beauty beauteous seem, by that sweet ornament which truth does give! The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem for that sweet odor which does in it live.

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Some owlets are on the endangered species list.


That black dog sees a white cat.

Audrey is married to a teacher.

Most people in North America can't see the Milky Way.

I appreciate everybody's support.

I'll stay until tomorrow.

I learned today that Brad doesn't like me. Do you know why?

Would you tell me how to sillabify the word?

Ned is very good at imitating the way Jones talks.

Isaac tried to sound casual.

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If only there were no tests.

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I hope Raif remembers this.

I need you desperately for this task.

I also contacted the police.

Just tell Richard the truth.

I'm playing a TV game.


What is the good of having a car if you don't drive?

It was not until yesterday that I knew her name.

It is already lunch time, let's head to the cafeteria!

There are better ways to do that.

What's more important?

Jelske must be Canadian.

I don't have any clean clothes to wear.

Why didn't Dalton come?

Let's just come right out and say it.

That's exactly what we need.

Rayan asked Karl where she was planning to go.

It's Christmas.

Three ships were given to him by the queen.

Dawn breaks, which is no small thing.

I read a lot.

He makes a living by working for a government office.

Jacques asked Jordan if she'd actually read the book.

Exposition to radiation gives susceptibility to suffer mutations.

You wished to see me?

We've all seen it.

I changed my clothes.

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God?! I won't let my life be ruled by a working hypothesis!


I am not very good at sizing people up quickly.

What kind of information are you looking for?

Unfortunately I was not in time for his speech.

Shankar took his coat out of the closet and put it on.

We intend to do so.

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The shopping district is easily accessible from our house.

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Do geese see God?


Jacobson and Mickey live in a seedy rundown neighbourhood.

I just needed some space.

I live here now.

It's easy to lampoon their ideas now, but they seemed quite reasonable at the time.

We will succeed.

Movement it's transmited by belts and pulleys.

Tell her that I am having dinner.

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This hotel has a gym and a swimming pool.


Sedat fell in the swimming pool.


So she does.

Listen, he doesn't know what he says.

I prefer to write in French.


Barbra had nothing to do with getting Clem fired.

If the weather is fine, I'll go swimming in the river.

My body cried for sleep.


Mehrdad often borrows money from me.


How long has she been sick?

Maybe we can buy him a new one.

We're planning a robbery.

I think I'm a pretty good writer.

To a mathematician, "almost all" means "all but finitely many."

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Ricardo takes everything way too seriously.

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Look what I found in our basement.

If we decide to hire you, you will hear from us.

I think my parents are hiding something from me.

What should I do with him if I find him?

She pretended to be a student.

Their reports don't accord.

I'll need about five minutes.


If there is anything I cannot stand it's filthy teeth.

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I had my wallet stolen while I was asleep.

Kurt can't just do anything he wants.

I don't want her at my party.

There were hundreds of taxis at the airport, all touting for business.

The label on the cover doesn't match the contents.

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Juha had a little accident.

I'm using an expensive watch.

What's the Italian pronunciation of this word?


We could've had some fun together.

I may not always be free on Sundays.

It's kind of funny.

You knew I wouldn't do that.

Do you help me?

I'm done with my homework.

Our tax system is still without coherent philosophy.

The prime minister's answer was equivocal.

We'll wait and see what happens.


He's beginning to cry.

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The young boy got sticky fingers when he walked into stores.